“Home of the Stream Engine™”

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Back in the 1970’s Paul needed power for his off grid house. He made a car alternator type micro hydro machine and being the inventive person he is, cast the wheels for it.  These were pelton wheels and then turgo wheels. Through many design changes some very efficient wheels were produced. For a few years he sold just wheels to other do it yourself hydro machine builders.  As Paul’s  hydro machine got improved and was good at producing power, it was obvious that if anyone had a suitable water source, a micro hydro generating machine would improve their lives. His local fame at making his own power earned him the nickname Powerhouse Paul. After a couple years he started selling complete machines and Energy Systems and Design was in business.
Energy Systems has been producing micro-hydroelectric components since 1980.  ESD has invented and manufactured the most efficient, innovative and best quality hydro machines for 30 years. We live hydro. Our machines are carefully made by actual hydro enthusiasts. We use only the best quality components and to insure everything is the best quality we do most everything in our own shop. We even make the wax castings for the precision cast bronze wheels.

We do not do any fancy marketing or sell through dealers or distributors which would only drive up costs. This way you can be sure all the value is in the machine.

If you want the best micro hydro  machines, and advice from people who know the machines as no one else could because they make them, ESD is the place to call.

We are here to help our customers. And to do our part to help people power their lives with more renewable resources.

If you think one of our machines would be the best for your situation e mail or call us. To order, contact us by e mail or phone, we want to be sure you get the best machine for your site.