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The original Stream Engine®  Time tested and reliable

The Stream Engine, employs a brushless, permanent magnet alternator which is adjustable, enabling the user to match turbine output to the electrical load. It has higher efficiency than previous alternators, and is capable of outputs up to 1+ kilowatt (kW).It is equipped with a rugged stainless turgo or Low Flow wheel, universal nozzles (adaptable to sizing from 3 mm (1/8 inch) to 25 mm (1 inch), or brass nozzle inserts, and a digital multimeter which is used to measure output current. The entire system is made of non-corrosive alloys for long life and durability.

The amazing Stream Engine is now available as the

more powerful

X-Stream® Stream Engine.Another   ES&D first…








The X-Stream Engine additional features

  • More power from a water source, efficient
  • More from a micro hydro machine  2KW + 
  • More output options 12, 24, 48 volts and higher
  • More user friendly – easy to install and service
  • Widest operating range 10 feet of head and up, 1-4 nozzles


The LH 1000  For sites with low head and a large flow of water.

At the maximum head of 10 feet, using 1000 gallons per minute, the output is 1 Kw.

The LH 1000 uses the same generator as the Stream Engine, however the water turbine component uses a low head propeller design.

WATTER BUDDY® : The little machine that can!

Imagine the possibilities : camping, pond lights, charging batteries, backup…..

≈Outputs as high as 300 watts
≈1-4 nozzles
≈Heads from 10 – 400 feet
≈12/24, or 48/120 volt models
Only 8lbs!



•  Combines many functions in one, Dual display for Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (W), Ampere-hour (AH), Working
Hours (TIME), Battery Capacity percentage (%)
•  Self Powered
•  Low power consumption
•  Built-in Shunt
•  Self-Contained ABS enclosure

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