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The original Stream Engine®  Time tested and reliable






BIG Easy Tune® Stream Engine The101_1164 amazing

Stream Engine is now available as the

powerful and adjustable

BIG EASY TUNE ® Stream Engine.Another   ES&D first…



The LH 1000  For sites with low head and a large flow of water.

At the maximum head of 10 feet, using 1000 gallons per minute, the output is 1 Kw.

The LH 1000 uses the same generator as the Stream Engine, however the water turbine component uses a low head propeller design.

WATTER BUDDY® : The little machine that can!

Imagine the possibilities : camping, pond lights, charging batteries, backup…..

≈Outputs as high as 300 watts
≈1-4 nozzles
≈Heads from 10 – 400 feet
≈12/24, or 48/120 volt models
Only 8lbs!



•  Combines many functions in one, Dual display for Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (W), Ampere-hour (AH), Working
Hours (TIME), Battery Capacity percentage (%)
•  Self Powered
•  Low power consumption
•  Built-in Shunt
•  Self-Contained ABS enclosure

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