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X-Stream® Stream Engine – Microhydro machine

Stream Engine 2010

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The amazing Stream Engine is also available as the X-Stream® Stream Engine ® Another ES&D first…MORE POWER TO YOU



The Stream Engine, employs a brushless,permanent magnet alternator which is adjustable, enabling the user to match turbine output to the electrical load. It has higher efficiency than previous alternators, and is capable of outputs up to 1+ kilowatt (kW).It is equipped with a rugged bronze turgo wheel, universal nozzles (adaptable to sizing from 3 mm (1/8 inch) to 25 mm (1 inch), or brass nozzle inserts, and a digital multimeter which is used to measure output current. The entire system is made of non-corrosive alloys for long life and durability.

This machine is made here, with the best care and quality. ESD makes its own generators which are the most efficient for the hydro machine.

The X-Stream Engine additional features

  • More power from a water source, efficient
  • More from a micro hydro machine  2KW + 
  • More output options 12, 24, 48 volts and higher
  • More user friendly – easy to install and service
  • Widest operating range 10 feet of head and up, 1-4 nozzles

This machine can produce power from heads as low as 3 metres (10 feet) to over 100 metres ( 300 feet). The amount of power a site can generate depends on the head and flow available at the site.

A general formula for Stream Engine WATTS OF OUTPUT

 head(feet) times flow (US gallons per minute) divided by 10

in metric  head (meters) times flow (liters per second) times 5 

This would be continuous output, DC. For kwh per day multiply by 0.024. For example a machine producing 1000 watts would produce 24 kwh per day. For a monthly total multiply by thirty. A machine making 1000 watts would produce 720kwh per month.

  • Features:
    • Plastic or Stainless turgo or Stainless Low Flow wheel
    • Adjustable output Permanent Magnet Alternator
    • Non-Corrosive Precision Made Parts.
    • Operates with heads of 3 meters minimum
    • Explanatory manual and multimeter included.
    • Straightforward Installation
    • 1 Year Warranty

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Plastic Turgo with Hub Adapter


Stainless Turgo with Hub Adapter


Stainless Low Flow

Typically, these systems operate at 12, 24, or 48 volts, with re-connectable wiring which allows the user to install a standard turbine at most sites. Custom windings are also available which can produce high voltage (120, 240) at any site.

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Up To 1 Kw Outputs


Universal Nozzles From 3mm to 25mm


Rugged Bronze Turgo Wheel


Adjustable Brushless Permanent Magnet Alternator