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When you visited a few years ago We ended up getting the XStream Engine that you brought with you. It’s been working great ever since. Last year it got totally submerged under a couple of feet of water while it was still running. I brought it home and dried it out, fired it up and it still worked! Amazing.

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After years of consistently improving the design he was able to create a highly efficient machine that was producing increased levels of power. It had become obvious that anyone with a suitable water source could be producing their very own renewable energy. With this idea in mind Paul established Energy Systems & Design in 1980.

Where it Started

Over 50 years of Innovation

In the 1970’s Paul Cunningham, owner and operator of Energy Systems & Design, had a need to power his off-grid house. He set off on a mission to create an efficient and reliable microhydro machine. Utilizing a car alternator type microhydro machine and the wheels he cast himself, he created the first machine. Through many hard-working days and design changes he was able to produce very efficient pelton and turgo wheels and sold these wheels to other enthusiasts.

The Stream Engine

Energy Systems & Design

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Our Products

Our Engines

X-Stream Engine

One X-Stream can generate the power of two standard machines.

LH1000 Low Head Engine

The LH1000 is specifically designed machine to operate efficiently in low-head sites. It takes advantage of the same generator as the Stream Engine, however the water turbine component uses a low head propeller design.

Watter Buddy

This little machine generates DC power from a source such as a stream running down a hillside. Water is channelled into a pipeline with enough drop (head) to build up sufficient pressure.

1K Micro Hydro Power System

The 1K Micro Hydro Power System is one of Energy System and Design’s answers to a version of our Stream Engine that can provide reliable power for your needs at an affordable price point.

Paul! I wanted to reach out to you today and express how happy I am with your product. We just finished wintering off grid with an endless supply of electricity. Down to - 30 here in BC and zero complaints from the hydro.

Kevin C. British Columbia, Canada

Hi! A few days ago we hit the 9999kWh mark on our system - much more than that if the cozy overflow heat to our bathroom were included in that figure. There’s a small button just to the right of the “CURRENT” reading. Is that the reset button to start the count over? Thanks again for the quality machine!

Lucas W. Happy Customer!

I received stream engine parts and after reassembly and tuning the unit works as it should, thank you very much for helping me to get back to making off grid power!

Rich B. Strem Engine User