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X-Stream Engine

One X-Stream can generate the power of two standard machines.

Stream Engine

The Stream Engine is available with three different turbine wheels or runners and two types of magnet rotors.

LH1000 Low Head Engine

The LH1000 is specifically designed machine to operate efficiently in low-head sites. It takes advantage of the same generator as the Stream Engine, however the water turbine component uses a low head propeller design.

Watter Buddy

This little machine generates DC power from a source such as a stream running down a hillside. Water is channelled into a pipeline with enough drop (head) to build up sufficient pressure.

1K Micro Hydro Power System

The 1K Micro Hydro Power System is one of Energy System and Design’s answers to a version of our Stream Engine that can provide reliable power for your needs at an affordable price point.

Our Products


If you are looking for prices and parts for a Stream Engine, Watter Buddy or Low Head Stream Engine, please see their specific product pages.

Otherwise please take a look through the list below for specific pricing on all machines, configurations and components. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions on the pricing of these machines or which configuration will be the most efficient for your site.
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Power Meter

Energy Systems & Design


Transformer 500 Watt
Transformer 1000 Watt
Transformer 1500 Watt
Transformer 1875 Watt
Custom Sizes Available for Transformers
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Junction Box
Energy Systems & Design

Permanent Magnet Generators

Standard (Series)
High Current (Parallel)
High Voltage
Energy Systems & Design

Other Products

600W Heater
300W Heater
Schneider/Xantrex C35 (12/24)
Schneider/Xantrex C40 (12/24/48)
Schneider/Xantrex C60
Morningstar T-45
Morningstar T-60
Power Meter 100f – NEW larger box with flange
Plastic Pelton Wheel
Hub for Plastic Pelton Wheel 5/8-18 or 17-20
Bronze Pelton Wheel