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Certain information must be determined concerning your site, in order to use its potential for maximum output. Head and flow must first be determined. Other factors are: pipeline length, transmission distance, and the system voltage. These factors determine how much power can be expected.

Owners Manual

With a proper installation and a little routine maintenance, your Stream Engine will provide you with years of trouble-free operation. This manual will help you to install your Stream Engine as well as assist you in troubleshooting and problem solving. Of course, you may contact Energy Systems & Design Ltd. if you run into trouble.

Site Survey

Head and Flow
Head: Head is the change in water levels between the intake and the discharge point. It is a vertical height measured in feet, metres or PSI.

Flow: Flow is the amount of water flowing in the source. It's measured in Litres/second or Gallons/minute.
Pipeline length, diameter and type
Transmission, distance and battery bank
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